No snow in Costa Rica…just making plans for cuts and layoffs. (suckahs)…by Chuck Duboff


© Chuck Duboff

Day 1:

Should I do some work today…or go to the beach?  Nah, the sun is out, beach it is!!

Day 2:

Look at the beautiful Caribbean…and its so hot out…I’ll do some work tomorrow!!

Day 3:

I’ll take a book with me to the beach and pretend I’m doing some work for that frozen wasteland up north; I’ve always enjoyed John Grisham.

Day 4:

So, if I don’t send any e-mails, they don’t have any proof or record of me communicating with my office; you guys wanna go golfing?

Day 5:

Maybe I should do some work today to justify that raise I gave myself; I’ll read the Winnipeg  Sun online with my morning coffee and call that work.  Got the tennis courts booked for ten, so I better get at it.

Day 6:

Yes Mr. Trump, I’m following your instructions to the letter; we’ll make Manitoba your entry way into Canada.


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