“We were horse shit, right from the drop of the puck.” Coach Maurice, on an embarrassing effort by the Jets…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

“The organization isn’t going to sweep this one under the rug.  We’re going to take a good look at all of it and make sure we appreciate the value of playing in the National Hockey League and at home…”

The Winnipeg Jets looked like a Junior B team last night, in their 7-4 loss to the Montreal Canadians.  I would suggest the score even flattered the Jets, who at times just stood around waving sticks and losing their jock straps. (see Dustin Byfuglien).  It is really hard to find a single positive when looking at this game.  The line of Lowry, Armia and Mathias was a -8 and couldn’t keep up with the speed of the Habs.  Conner Hellybucyk was brutal in the nets, allowing three soft goals early in the game.  Dustin Byfuglien had one of his poorest games of the season, while fellow defencemen Paul Postma looked lost. (let me know when Postma make his next hit on an opponent, it’ll be his first of the season.)



This is season six of the Winnipeg Jets 2.0.  We have been told from Day 1 that this is a draft and develop team.  My question to the management of this team is: when are we going to start seeing some results?  The team’s record of one game under .500 is no better than the first season of 2.0, when we had the likes of Nik Antropov, Tim Stapleton, Ron Hainsey and Randy Jones on our roster.  Many may laugh at those names, but, I ask, where is the improvement, 5 1/2 years later?  It’s easy to say that we have better players, but the fact is, we are no better than we were at the start of 2.0

I would suggest that it is management which needs to take a long hard look at itself and make some cold hard observations and decisions.  Is Paul Maurice the right man for the head coaching job?  The evidence is clearly pointing to the fact that Maurice cannot get this team playing any better.  Is Kevin Cheveldayoff the right man for GM?  Though he may have an ability to draft good players, I believe Chevy’s biggest flaw is that he is far too conservative and takes far too long to make changes.  Mark Chipman needs to make his voice heard; I’m not suggesting he become a meddling owner, but he needs to put his foot down after an embarrassing loss on national tv.


As fans, we need to demand more and stop giving this organization a free pass.  Those who say fans shouldn’t boo their home team…I completely disagree.  How else can we voice our displeasure with a team that shows no signs of growth, consistency or passion for the game.  We are paying the second highest prices for tickets in the NHL (behind Toronto) and deserve a much better product than we are being given.  Is Mike Babcock that much better of a head coach than Paul Maurice, when in year two of Toronto’s rebuild, the Leafs are already further ahead than the plodding Jets draft and develop.

“We were horse shit from the drop of the puck tonight.”  Paul Maurice


3 thoughts on ““We were horse shit, right from the drop of the puck.” Coach Maurice, on an embarrassing effort by the Jets…by Chuck Duboff

  1. Don’t embarrass the poor horse. Hard to believe that this very same Team that 2 nights earlier played a rock solid game and then 2 nights later looked like a God awful Senior Hockey Team that plays once a week. Embarrassing Gentlemen!!


  2. Reblogged this on Chuck's Eclectic Blog. and commented:

    …and the OVERTHINKING has taken control; everybody and their sister expected Coach Maurice to put his team through a bag skate yesterday; several players even said they expected it; what does Maurice say about not doing that…”I didn’t want to give them an excuse; coach put us through a bag skate so we were too tired for the game.” COACH…you’re thinking too much…and I would suggest this is the beginning of losing control of the team…just one man’s thoughts


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