Saturday Morning Random Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

  • Winnipegers wake up to a wind chill of (only) -29 degrees today and start dancing in the streets.
  • Four blizzards, temperatures in the -40’s and the city just keeps on truckin’…businesses don’t close, city schools don’t close, we just toughen up and once again survive winter.snow-6
  • What’s to be said about the Winnipeg Jets? They appear to be in free fall, goaltending is horrendous and the team seems to be shutting out Coach Maurice.  When Dustin Byfuglien responds to a question about something Coach Maurice said: “He can say whatever he wants.”…you know there’s trouble in River City.  Third period in Buffalo, embarrassment against the Habs, first period against Arizona…that is coaching!!!
  • “I will be the greatest jobs producer that God ever created.” Donald Trump…whose ego knows no limits.
  • “I don’t see this President-elect as a legitimate president,” John Lewis, a Georgia Democrat, told NBC News’ Chuck Todd. “I think the Russians participated in helping this man get elected. And they helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.”
  • “Your organization is terrible and I am not going to give you a question.  You are fake news.”  Trump bullying and attempting to intimidate Jim Acosta of CNN.  Watching this, I could not believe that this man is going to be the President of the USA.  N0 class, no decorum,  an inability to speak anything truthful…you reap what you sow and for the American people who voted for Trump…I hope it is becoming crystal clear what your vote has spawned.
  • Trump
  • Meanwhile…down in Costa Rica, Manitoba’s guest Premier continues to enjoy the hot sun and beaches, while blizzards and -40 temperatures paralyze the province he laughingly governs….For those Manitobans who voted for Pallister…I hope it is becoming crystal clear what your vote has spawned.
  • I enjoy watching the manner in which Rick Forney and Tom Vaeth are putting together the 2017 Winnipeg Goldeyes.  Already returning from last year’s championship team are 3B Wes Darvell, 1B David Rohm, Ace of the pitching staff, Kevin McGovern and a key member of the Bullpen, Victor Capellan.  I would imagine it’s a lot easier getting guys to return after such a great season.  One area Rick will have to concentrate on is finding a couple of catchers as both Carlton Tanage (retirement) and Tanner Murphy (signed by the Rockies) won’t be returning.
  • After the first period…Arizona 4, Jets 1…really?  Conner Hellybucyk pulled once again, only ten minutes into the game after letting in 3 more soft goals.  Where do the Jets turn now for goaltending?  Not bringing in a veteran goalie only signals to the team and fan base that playoffs are not a high priority, that this is, yet again, another development season, and I for one am getting tired of this plodding draft and develop plan.
  • Watch for interviews in the next few days with Goldeyes pitchers, Kevin McGovern and Victor Capellan.
  • The manner in which Russia was involved in the American election, strikes to the very foundation of a democracy.  The Russians planned for four years getting Trump elected and the tearing down of Hilary Clinton.  It would not shock me in the slightest if Putin were to unload all of the Trump connections to Russia and throw America into a nightmare scenario.  If you’ve never seen the movie The Manchurian Candidate, check it out, because we are living that today.trump-putin-1024
  • Only 30 more days until the hot, sunny beaches of Puerto Vallarta…not that I’m counting or anything…but, one more blizzard and I think I’ll just start walking there today!!
  • The class, the dignity, the lack of any scandals, the respect shown to the presidency…Barak Obama and his wife and daughters will be missed.  They stand in stark contrast to the three ring circus which is taking over the White House.
  • obama-family-portrait-sasha-malia-today-tease-150619_1ddba0ae3952682d6bae521d01abca3dPatrik Laine surprising an 8 year old boy celebrating is birthday…speaks to the wonderful manner in which he was raised.  The kid is all class and has surely embraced his new home of Winnipeg.  It has helped tremendously that his mother, sister and girlfriend all moved here to Winnipeg…having their support and guidance will help Patrik to continue to hold the great values which he demonstrates.laine-and-8-year-old
  • Memo to Kevin Cheveldayoff..your conservative, plodding manner is beginning to really wear down loyal Jets fans; you “may” have an ability to select first round players, but your disdain for change is irritating and resulting in a team showing no visible signs of  improvement; as I said the other day in the blog, this team’s record is no better than the team you inherited in the first season of Jets 2.0  Nothing changes if nothing changes!!!  You don’t have a goalie…that’s a fact, yet you do nothing about it.  You waited one year too long with Claude Noel and another year was wasted.  Watching the manner in which the Jets played the third period against Buffalo, the Montreal game and then last night’s first period…standing pat is not acceptable!!!
  • Pitchers and catchers report in 30 days!!!!baseballs1280_wtn64plk_pdi9e3wm
  • Off to watch Laine play soccer this morning and then Ben play hockey tomorrow afternoon…I know for a fact that these kids give it 100%, all the time!!

3 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Random Chuck Duboff

  1. This blog also gives 100% all the time!

    Dustin Byfuglien is pulling a stunt like Ladd did in the dying days of Claude Noel’s tenure as coach…. maybe this time it’s Buff that has to go.


  2. Third period in Buffalo, embarrassment against the Habs, first period against Arizona…that is coaching!!!
    I agree somewhat that yes the Coaching comes into question but then I look at what the players are doing, their re-actions, don’t feel they are holding up their end of the equation. Starting goaltender last 2 games, horrendous, appears lost between the pipes. To think a whole team looks like it has turned a deaf ear to the entire coaching staff just not right. They, the players, are getting paid some pretty big bucks to play, hopefully tonight they will all show up as a TEAM and Play.


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