“Going back to Winnipeg for me is something phenomenal”; interview with Winnipeg Goldeyes pitcher, Victor Capellan…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff


As a long time fan of the Winnipeg Goldeyes, I have always found it so interesting getting to know the players.  I recently interviewed one of the key members of the Goldeyes bullpen, Victor Capellan.  I have kept Victor’s answers as he wrote them; please keep in mind that English is Victor’s second language…

I asked Victor to share his thought on the Goldeyes playoff run and the night they won the American Association Championship:

Victor:  First playoff are something incredible are the most beautiful moment that has this sport in my career as a professional and I was in four serious championship of those won my two rings.  The night of the championship was something unforgettable because each championship each match is different but that night we saw it result of all the effort of all the regular season that in each match we deliver everything in him pitch.

I inquired about where he grew up and who is favourite ballplayer was while growing up?

Victor:  I was born in Montecristo, Dominican Republic and right now I’m living in Pennsylvania. My favourite player is Pedro Martinez is my favourite player for the way he focuses on each match as well as his way of dealing with people on and off the field.  If I wasn’t playing baseball, I would be working in agriculture.

I asked Victor why he decided to come back to Winnipeg for a second season?

Victor:   Going back to Winnipeg for is something phenomenal I love everything that you live in it stadium fans are amazing.  My message that I would like to tell the fans of Winnipeg is that they follow apollanfo to our team that we will always give the best of us on and off the pitch we go with him myself in this season

When I asked Goldeyes hitting coach Tom Vaeth about Victor’s contribution to the team, this was his response:

Tom Vaeth:  Well Victor was very instrumental, very reminiscent of the role Brian Beuning played in 2012. It sets your mind at ease as a coaching staff that you have someone you trust to take the ball, whether you’re a run down, even or ahead late in the game like we did with Victor and know that he is going to get the job done for you.

It’s great watching manager Rick Forney and Tom Vaeth put together the 2017 Winnipeg Goldeyes roster.  Watch for further interviews with 2017 Goldeyes players.

2 thoughts on ““Going back to Winnipeg for me is something phenomenal”; interview with Winnipeg Goldeyes pitcher, Victor Capellan…by Chuck Duboff

  1. Enjoyable read, always nice to hear what the players have to say about being in Winnipeg, playing here and their take on the fans.. Looking forward to hearing from Kevin tomorrow.


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