Bryan Little; the most under rated player in the NHL? I would suggest he is! by Chuck Duboff



© Chuck Duboff

Bryan Little was drafted in the 1st round, 12th overall pick, in the 2006 NHL Entry Draft by the Atlanta Thrashers.  He has gone about his business in a very professional manner…and I would suggest is one of the most under rated players, not only on the Winnipeg Jets, but in the whole NHL.

When Little was injured just ten minutes into the 2016-2017 season, the Jets had a huge hole to fill; Little is outstanding in the face off circle, makes the smart passes and has a knack of being in the right place at the right time.  The Jets struggled while he was out; they tried Perrault, Petan, Copp and many others at that second line centre, but, it wasn’t until Little returned that the offence, and specifically the power play, really started to click.

Little has now played over 640 career games, accumulating 411 points.  His contributions go far beyond those numbers; he is a quiet leader, not saying much, not flamboyant, but somehow he is always showing up when a key play, a key goal is needed.

Not flashy, but definitely invaluable to the Winnipeg Jets.

Check out Bryan Little’s first hat trick with the Winnipeg Jets:

2016-2017 29 13 13 26 2 6 4 6 0 0 2 1 64 20.3
NHL Career 642 176 235 411 0 225 50 107 7 12 23 4 1,326 13.3

One thought on “Bryan Little; the most under rated player in the NHL? I would suggest he is! by Chuck Duboff

  1. Little just goes around quietly doing his business – seems to be one of those guys that no-one notices when he is out on the ice but then there’s a Jet goal there he is, either as the goal scorer or getting the assist. Due to an early injury at the start of the season 29 games 13 G 13 A 26 Points.
    A valuable member of The Jets – Great example for all our young Jets to learn from.
    The Quiet Observer, Bryan Little.


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