Another key piece of Goldeyes Championship team returns; Edwin Carl signs on for another year…by Chuck Duboff

Edwin Carl, a key link in the Goldeyes starting rotation, returns for a second season.

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Pitching, pitching and pitching…if you’ve got it, there’s a great chance to win, while without it, good luck.  Manager Rick Forney got another important contributor to last year’s championship team, Edwin Carl,  to return for another season.  Piecing together a pitching staff is never easy, but when you get starting pitchers like Edwin Carl and Kevin McGovern to return, you’re already in a great position.

I got a chance to interview Edwin and find out his thoughts about last season’s playoffs, his off season and much more.  Enjoy the read.

1.  What do you remember about the Goldeyes championship run last season?  What was it like the night you guys won the championship?

The moment that stands out most to me in the championship run would have to be the last 3 games against St. Paul in the first round of playoffs.  After splitting the series at home, both teams had to…

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