Today’s Poll: Should Jets fans boo their team?


Columbus Blue Jackets v Winnipeg Jets


One thought on “Today’s Poll: Should Jets fans boo their team?

  1. Kind of what I believe I see right now in Jet land
    Forwards – offensive zone – Our goal scorers have hit a bit of a dry spell, seems to be snake bit, opposition scores, puck bounces right on to their sticks, while Jets bounces head off in some other direction. The net is 4 ft. x 6 ft. right now it must seem like 2×3 to Jet shooters. Opposing goaltender come with a hi-lite reel game against the Jets. Hopefully this will turn around SOON.

    Defensive zone – far to soft, D-men and forwards often get caught “not skating” and you are in deep doggie doo when you do that. Covering the opposition players, either they leave their man way too soon. always seems the other team has an uncovered man, don’t have to tell you what happens then.
    Where Jet D-men should be the one’s in control – right now it’s the opposition enjoying that part.
    Jets start controlling their zone – show a mean streak – crank a few guys – it will help change things around.

    Goaltending Maybe a B While the netminders have been playing fairly well, and with the soft defensive play, makes the job that much tougher. Soft goals, there have been a few, need to take that out of their play. Would be great if there was a magic wand Management and Jet player’s could wave and all is better, but it is going to take a total team effort, each individual player has to pick their games up.

    So do Jet Fans have the right to boo THEIR Team, I don’t like it but you as a Season Ticket holder and the prices you pay for your ticket, YOU, do have that right boo your team,but for the upcoming games, show your support, right now it can only get better – Go Jets.


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