Live from Puerto Vallarta; Friday afternoon random thoughts…by Chuck Duboff


  • Just a spectacularly beautiful day here in Puerto Vallarta.  Hot and clear blue skies.
  • What a tremendous feeling it was arriving here at the Canto del Sol resort this past Wednesday…and so many of the staff came running over to say hi…and welcome home.
  • I continue to be mesmerized by the Sierra Madre Mountains.
  • I must have Latin blood in me…because these people feel like “family”.
  • My friend Jorge works so very hard here at the resort…bringing drinks to everybody, super friendly and always on the run.  Get this…he has five children and thirteen grandchildren.  Never complains about anything.


    Mi amigo Jorge

  • So great having the Rogers plan for my cellphone…able to use it as much as I want, to text, surf and make phone calls home.  At ten dollars a day, to a max of $100 for the trip…it’s perfect.
  • Jets played a great game against Pittsburgh coming up just short; Malkin deserved a lot more than just four minutes in penalties after that hit on Wheeler.
  • Nice to see the Goldeyes get their catcher, Alixon Suarez; he had been in the Red Sox system after being an international signing.  I would imagine that Rick Forney had good reports on him.
  • Met a wonderful couple form the Washington D.C area; long political discussions and they expressed their embarrassment for what is happening in the States.  They’re both big Capitals, Nationals and Redskins fans…tomorrow Megan and I will be hitting the Tequila.
  • Met this wonderful young lady, Candy…studying Law and working as a hostess at the resort.  We’ve had a lot of fun getting to know each other.
  • Just love going for runs on the beach in the morning…the sun coming up, the Pacific Ocean right beside and the Sierra Madre mountains straight ahead.  So very inspiring.  I follow that up with half an hour of weights and then its hit the pool/beach time.
  • The people who work on the beaches selling their wares…everything from jewellery, to cigars, to blankets, to trinkets…work so very hard under the scorching sun.
  • To say the Mexican people despise Donald Trump would be a gross understatement; you can just feel the anger the second his name is mentioned.

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