Monday afternoon random thoughts…live from Puerto Vallarta; by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

  • Just a beautiful, hot, sunny day here in Puerto Vallarta.
  • Meeting so many awesome people from right across Canada and the United States.
  • Interesting chatting with Americans…several “we are so embarrassed” to “finally we have a President who is doing something for our country.”  I try to be careful in what I say.

Mike, from Toledo, Ohio…good friends with former Bomber QB, Chuck Ealey


Mi amigo, Jose Hernandez…been selling his wares on this beach for 25 years…under a very hot sun.


Vietnam Vet, Bob, from Minnesota…spends three months at the resort.


Spencer and Megan…from Washington D.C…great friends…lots of fun together.

  • So many Canadians here…lots o f Winnipegers gathered to watch both Jets games this weekend; the lounge has a big screen TV and they put the games on for us…so much fun,
  • Other than some wi-fi which isn’t the greatest, this resort is fantastic…couldn’t ask for much better!!
  • Apple music is so awesome…put together an awesome “ultimate hippie playlist” yesterday…listening to the music on my Bose wireless headphones is just amazing!!
  • Feels like I’ve been here forever…and still 8 more days to go.
  • So wonderful talking to Laine and Ben this morn…excited to tell me about their baseball and soccer; so proud of them.
  • Patrik Laine first star of the week in the NHL; Jets so lucky to get the second pick in the draft!!  A franchise changing player.
  • That’s it for today…doesn’t get much better; hasta la vista.

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