Live from the beaches of Puerto Vallarta; Jose and his son Hector; and an Oilers fan and Jets fan share some good times…by Chuck Duboff

Hector,Chuck and Jose  (Goldeyes fans reading this…doesn’t he look like Luis Alen?)

The white hot sandy beaches are packed with tourists from all over the world; Canada, US, England…enjoying the hot sun and beautiful  beaches!!  Everybody wants to bring souvenirs home for family, friends, lovers and….shops are visited all along the strip…you can get your Mexican trinket, shirt, chess set, tequila and cigars…everybody will deal with you, trying to coax out the most they can.

Then you it the spectacular beach and you see so very many Mexicans selling their wares on the beach: mugs, jewelry, blankets, beads and so much more.

This is where you will find Jose and his son Hector.  Jose has been selling his jewelry and cigars and blankets for more than twenty five years.  He loves his tourists…doesn’t matter where they are from…Winnipeg, Vancouver, Toronto, U.S, long as they have dollars to spend, he is a happy man.  He’s a very happy man during the tourist season…the tourists, especially Canadians, can’t get enough of his jewelry, cigars and blankets.  Business is great during the tourist season…under the hot sun, Jose and his son Hector deal with tourists, anxious to bring home authentic Mexican souvenirs.  Jose is now training his son Hector the business:  “you deal with him now, he has to learn the business” Jose shared these words with me when I was dealing with Hector to get may annual box of cigars.

Early this morning I enjoyed just a fabulous workout; first I hit the beach, where I did a fabulous 47 minute run…the Sierra Madre mountains were right in front of me, inspiring a great run; that was followed by a great workout in the gym here at Canto del Sol resort.

To put a capper on a great morning…I followed my mom’s instructions and had a few drinks for her; muchos Tequila..which ended up with my having many Tequila with an Edmonton OIlers cool was that…seriously…Dean from Edmonton…and we were both enjoying our Tequila and pining over McDavid and Laine…what a great time we had.

A Jets fan and am Oilers fan…many Tequila and saying great things about Conner McDavid and Patrik Laine….

What an awesome day here in Puerto Vallarta…thank you for the amazing sunshine, beaches and hot temps Puerto Vallarta.


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