Our American friends…many good people having their images tarnished…by Chuck Duboff


© Chuck Duboff


My friend, Big Mike, from Toledo, Ohio

These are very tumultuous times we are living in.  The United States has undergone  a transformation of epic proportions.  To state that the changes have been seismic in nature would, I suggest, be an understatement.  The election of Donald J. Trump has resulted in societal, political and geopolitical  shifts of gargantuan magnitude.  Cultural groups are being banned from the States, major media outlets are being shut out of news conferences and countries around the world are on standby, waiting for the next outburst from the American president.

All the while, the citizens of the United States are all being painted with the same brush, inundated with the same question; “how could you possibly elect that man?”  “what is wrong with Americans, do you realize your image around the world right now?”


My wonderful friends, Spencer and Megan, from Washington, DC

I came down to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, very intrigued to see what the reaction to the American tourists would be.  I noticed that the Americans were very subdued and mello.  I made a conscious effort to talk with our neighbours to the south.

I got to know Americans from Seattle, Minnesota, Washington D.C, Louisiana and Toledo, Ohio.  I can state categorically that each and everyone of these people were friendly and for the most part very embarrassed with what is happening in the States.  Though a few did  express tepid support for their president, this was countered by many expressions of disbelief as to what is happening in their country.  An over riding comment that I have heard is: “we didn’t have much choice, something had to change in our country.”

I came down to Mexico for a holiday, for two weeks of non-political conversations; for the most part I have stayed true to this…however, I have found it so very interesting talking with friends from the United States; whether from the deep south of Louisiana or just to the south of Winnipeg in Minnesota, remember these are all good people, friendly and just wanting better for their country.

I hope for their sake that things calm down in the United States and all people are treated with the kindness and respect they deserve.


My friend Bob, a Vietnam War Vet, from Minnesota



One thought on “Our American friends…many good people having their images tarnished…by Chuck Duboff

  1. America has never been greater. Nice liberal slant from you though. Enjoy those Syrians and the influx of Liberals that said they’d move to Canada if Trump was elected. Worry about your own country, we’re just fine.


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