Back home…and its baseball time; Winnipeg Goldeyes, New York Yankees, Fantasy baseball…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

Back home last night from two weeks in paradise and I can’t wait to dive into the 2017 baseball season.

I have some catching up to do with our Winnipeg Goldeyes; looks like we’ve signed some really interesting prospects at catcher and outfielder.  I think I’ll have to sit down with Andrew and Steve and get caught up on our newest players.  Given that it’s March 2nd already, Goldeyes training camp is just around the corner.


That’s Goldeyes 2nd baseman Casio Grider celebrating last season’s championship.

The New York Yankees are actually following though on their youth movement plan; from Gary Sanchez behind the plate, to Aaron Judge in right field…this Yankees team might actually be watchable this season.  I don’t see them any better than third place, behind both Boston and Toronto, but at the very least they’ll be a little more competitive.


New York Yankees rookie catcher, Gary Sanchez

Going to start working on my Fantasy Baseball teams today; usually sign up for three leagues…and I can proudly say that these past three seasons, I have won at least one championship out of my three teams.  It’s a daily analysis of players and trends and really keeps you involved in the day to day of MLB.

Speaking of MLB, I will be signing up for MLB TV later today; doesn’t get much better, every game, every day, right at your finger tips.  Not only that, but by getting the MLB TV, it allows you to also access all games right on your mobile device.   How sweeeeet it is!

It’s almost spring; training camp exhibition games have started; Rick Forney is putting together another competitive Goldeyes team…it’s baseball season, when the dreams of young boys turn to home runs, strike outs, stolen bases…PLAY BALL!!!

kids baseball



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