A glimpse into the future; Jets firing on all cylinders!! Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff


Another big win by the Jets; 6-1 over Colorado!!

Let’s stay in reality and state that it is going to be difficult for the 2016/2017 Jets to make the playoffs.  They are right in the battle for the final playoff spots, but an overwhelming amount of injuries early in the season and a brutal November schedule has left the team in a precarious playoff position.

That being said…the past two games may have given Jets fans a tantalizing glimpse into what the future holds for this very young team.  Friday night against the St. Louis Blues, the Jets put on a defensive clinic, shutting down a very good team.  That was followed last night by an offensive outburst by the Jets exciting forwards.

We have been told for six years now that patience is the key to the draft and develop formula.  At times fans have been frustrated, mad and upset with this plan.  I for one understand and recognize that a small market team like Winnipeg has no choice but to rely on the draft and develop…we can’t be like the Rangers and Hawks and Leafs and just sign anybody.  We have to draft well, develop the young talented players and trust that the team can sign these players long term once they become NHL players. (hello Jacob Trouba).  I get frustrated, very, very frustrated when the young kids make mistakes…but, that is all part of this plan.


Wheels coaching up Laine.

Then we have nights like the past two nights and perhaps we are seeing the window opening to the future of the Winnipeg Jets.  Jacob Trouba and Josh Morrisey; Mark Scheifele, Patrik Laine, Nic Ehlers, Adam Lowrey, Andrew Copp, Marko Dano, Conner Hellybucyk…and those are just the kids.  Blake Wheeler, Bryan Little, Matthieu Perrault, Dustin Byfuglian, Toby Enstrom all showing their young team mates how to play the game.

It’s tantalizing, it’s exciting after watching the Jets the last two games!!  I dare say, our first two lines are right up there with the best in the NHL  Though we were playing a rather uninspired Colorado team, our big guns showed us what lies ahead; this goal sums it all up:  Ehlers makes a great pass to Laine who draws everyone to him and makes a sensational pass to Scheifelle:


It’s hard not being excited about the future of this team; I’ll repeat, we may not make the playoffs this season, but, the future IS VERY bright…and perhaps with the addition of Kyle Conner and Jack Roslovic next season, the Jets could be a dominant force in the NHL.

That’s the future, right now the Jets have 16 games left; they have to take care of their own business and no matter who their opponent is, they have to play their A game, night in and night out to stay in the playoff hunt.  Anything is possible at this point!!

****Unobjectively, I would select Patrik Laine 8 days a week over that guy in Toronto, it’s not even close!!  That was a franchise changing pick for the Winnipeg Jets!!****

Jets Stanley Cup


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