A glimpse into the future; Jets firing on all cylinders!! Chuck Duboff

As expected, St Louis beat Colorado last night, leaving the Jets two points behind LA and 3 behind St Louis…it’s going to be difficult this season making the playoffs…BUT…the future is so bright for this team!!

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another-win Another big win by the Jets; 6-1 over Colorado!!

Let’s stay in reality and state that it is going to be difficult for the 2016/2017 Jets to make the playoffs.  They are right in the battle for the final playoff spots, but an overwhelming amount of injuries early in the season and a brutal November schedule has left the team in a precarious playoff position.

That being said…the past two games may have given Jets fans a tantalizing glimpse into what the future holds for this very young team.  Friday night against the St. Louis Blues, the Jets put on a defensive clinic, shutting down a very good team.  That was followed last night by an offensive outburst by the Jets exciting forwards.

We have been told for six years now that patience is the key to the draft and develop formula.  At…

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