If the media paid more attention to wonderful stories like this…the world would be in a much more peaceful, kinder, gentler place. Please take a couple of minutes to watch these fine young men…by Chuck Duboff

I was blessed with the chance to work with some amazing students at Maples Collegiate…they had/have the same attitude about making a positive difference in this world; if you have yet to watch this video of some fine young men…you owe it to yourself to do so.

Chuck Eclectic Blog

© Chuck Duboff

Before you read my words, please take the time to first watch the video.

Our media is obsessed with sensationalizing the negative, the hurtful, the racist, the depressing headlines.  CNN has stated their ratings are through the roof covering the disaster known as Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, fine young man as were seen in the video, demonstrate what it is to be a good citizen, to be kind, to give back to your community.  These young men are doing more to “Make America Great Again” than Herr Trump ever will.

Young Black Men in the United States are stereotyped, harassed and never given the benefit of the doubt.  These boys in the video show the world that with good parenting, anybody can turn out to be a fine young man or woman.  Black, Latino, White…it doesn’t matter, good parenting, positive role modelling, enhances every young person’s chance to…

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