Rather than pandering to the bottom line, “Imagine” a media dedicated to Positive News!!…by Chuck Duboff



© Chuck Duboff

As I indicated in the most recent blog, the media chooses not to focus on positive news stories, but rather contributes to the on going tension and angst which has overtaken much of the “chatter class.”  Were the talking heads and decision makers to decide to focus on more uplifting news stories, society would be much better served.  Rather than worrying non-stop about the “bottom line”, news organizations like CNN, Fox News, CNBC, CBC, CTV, BBC, could all contribute to a more healthy spirit permeating this world. Alas, though this may be a pie in the sky notion, I can dream and “Imagine” as John Lennon did in his wonderful song.  Giving up isn’t an option, contributing to a better world only makes us all better.

The following is from the website Positive News.

Build a wall of kindness

“While Donald Trump was first talking about his divisive wall, the concept of a ‘wall of kindness’ was blossoming in Iran. Stretches of wall are painted and furnished with pegs. Then, people hang clothes, food and goods that they no longer need for the homeless or poor to take. The concept is spreading: several towns in the UK currently feature their very own walls of kindness (in the case of Brighton, it’s a seafront shelter of kindness).”


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