The two sweetest words in baseball: Opening Day…by Chuck Duboff

opening day

© Chuck Duboff

The long, cold, harsh winter continues to beat down upon us.  Each glimmer of hope that spring is around the corner is dashed by two weeks of blizzards and bone chilling -30’s temperatures.  The psyche is challenged and hibernation seems the only hope of survival.

Then you hear those two words: Opening Day!!!  For any true baseball fan, no explanation is necessary to describe the feeling which overtakes you when you hear those two beautiful words.

Training camps are over.  Rosters are set.  Ballparks are ready.  Players are excited for the new season.  Managers see first place in their lineup.  Vendors are pumped to start making money.

Then there are the fans who have endured months and months of their lives missing baseball.  Knowing that Opening Day is just around the corner helps the fan to survive the final beat down by Mother Nature.  It means that there is a whole summer of 6-4-3 double plays; 3 run homers; 2 hit shutouts; hitting streaks and hitless doldrums not too far away. It’s knowing that even if you lose a heartbreaking game in the 9th inning, you wake up the next day and the slate is clean and its an other day of baseball.

Though the trees may be bare and the grass not a luscious green, though the pitching may not be sharp and the hitting still rusty…

Opening Day will arrive, very soon…and the boys of summer will be back.



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