MLB pre-season predictions for the 2017 season…from Winnipeg baseball fans and Goldeyes management; by Chuck Duboff

Very popular blog from yesterday; updated today with predictions from Goldeyes Super Fan, Mickey Steen!!

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Cubs Will the Cubs repeat in 2017?

© Chuck Duboff

With just a couple of weeks till the start of the Major League Baseball season, I thought I’d ask several baseball fans and experts their predictions for the upcoming season; enjoy and feel free to leave your comments about your own predictions.

Chris Mussel, former standout Junior ballplayer and big time baseball fan.

  • Division winners:  Red Sox, Indians, Mariners, Mets, Cubs, Dodgers
  • World Series winner:  Chicago Cubs
  • AL/NL MVP’s:  Edwin Encarnacion, Kris Bryant
  • AL/NL Cy Young:  Aaron Sanchez, Max Scherzer
  • Surprise team of the season: Minnesota Twins
  • Disappointing team of the season: Toronto Blue Jays
  • Favourite player to watch:  Dee Gordon

Geoff Brookes, Mr. Stratomatic, Goldeyes fan and Analytics booster!!

  • Division winners: Yankees, KC, Texas, Mets, Cincinnati, San Francisco
  • World Series winner: San Francisco Giants
  • AL/NL MVP’s:  Gary Sanchez, Kris Bryant
  • AL/NL Cy Young:  Aaron Sanchez, Jon Lester
  • Surprise…

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