Fans select the All Time Goldeyes team; tomorrow’s blog will announce the fans choices for each position!!…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

1995 Goldeyes

The response to yesterday’s blog is a great indicator of how devoted many fans are to the Winnipeg Goldeyes Baseball Club.  Over 150 people read about the opportunity for fans to pick the All Time Goldeyes Team and another dozen fans sent e-mails with their personal choices for their All Time team.


Looking over the fans selections, it is going to be quite easy to make selections at some positions, however, there are several positions where it is going to be a difficult choice…we may have to settle for a tie!!

Several fans commented that they were pleased that its a fans’ selection for the All Time Team; everybody is welcome to submit their choices to:  I’m going to ask that you get your team into me by about 4 PM Friday.

Your picks should include:

2 Starting Pitchers
2 Bullpen Pitchers
3 Outfielders
3 Bench Players

The Goldeyes All Time Team will be up tomorrow morning on this blog.  I will base decisions at each position based on the submissions by the fans…
Remember, this is just for fun…and it gets us one day closer to training camp.

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