Your All Time Winnipeg Goldeyes team, as selected by the fans…by Chuck Duboff.

© Chuck Duboff
Over the past two days there have been over 700 views of the All Time Goldeyes team blog!!  As I said yesterday, I think this attests to the popularity of the Winnipeg Goldeyes baseball team.  I thought fans of the team would enjoy reading how players and coaches have responded to their selection to the All Time Goldeyes team:

    That’s unbelievable. One of the best baseball city’s in the world.

Rudy Arias Thank you Winnipeg!!!🇨🇦

Tom Vaeth Very honoured to be included in this list…thank you thank you thank you!!!

Chris Salamida   Whaaatttttt…… This is unexpected!! You don’t understand how honoured I feel right now – to stand with all of these legends!

Luis A. Salazar Thanks to the Goldeyes family

Josh Mazzola Thank you to the Goldeyes family for this honor.. It is truly humbling and thank you for welcoming me and making me a part of your city..

© Chuck Duboff

Yesterday’s blog announcing the All Time Goldeyes Team, as selected by the fans,  had an amazing 487 views…I would suggest that speaks to how very popular the Winnipeg Goldeyes are in the city of Winnipeg.  On Facebook there were responses from all over Canada, United States and Mexico.  From Florida Rudy Arias sent a nice note to the fans in Winnipeg; Josh Mazzola and Chris Salamida sent very grateful messages; from here in Winnipeg, Tom Vaeth was extremely appreciative of being selected by the fans.


I’d like to take a moment to talk about Hal Lanier…Hal brought a big league feel to the Goldeyes.  I remember the moment when it was announced that Hal would be managing the Goldeyes; I did a double take, he had been Manager of the Year in the National League and was coming to take charge of the Goldeyes.  I was truly in awe of him…he had played with San Francisco during the Willie Mays days, had managed in the majors…I watched every move he made!!  One of my favourite was learning when Hal would call a squeeze play and see it executed perfectly.  It truly was my joy, and I know that of a lot of fans, watching and learning from Hal.

Goldeyes 5

“That was difficult”, “so many great players to choose from”, “wow was that hard”; those were just some of the comments that fans made when they sent me their choices for the All Time Winnipeg Goldeyes team.

We’ve been really fortunate in Winnipeg to consistently have had great teams and players since the inception of the Goldeyes in 1994.  How do you leave Jeff Zimmerman or Darryl Brinkley off this all time team?  What about Brian Myrow or Chris Kokinda?  What about Bobby Madritsch, George Sherrill or Brandon Kintzler?  Casey Haerther, Chad Thornhill, Brent Sachs, Rafael Gross or “Tiny” Thomas?  Pete Rose Jr and Jon Weber brought the lumber, but didn’t make this team.  Ian Thomas made it to the show…not on this team.

This was a fun opportunity for Goldeyes fans to reflect upon all of the great players who have donned the Winnipeg uniform over the past 22 seasons.  There really are no right or wrong selections; they are all very subjective choices.   A couple of my personal choices didn’t make the final cut…my all time favourite Goldeye,  Carmine Cappucio, only played for the team for one season, but was a very special player to watch.  Kevin McGovern led us to a championship last season with some great pitching…but neither of them made this team.

Thanks to the hundreds who read this blog over the past few days…and a big thank you to all those great Winnipeg Goldeyes fans who sent me their choices;  I struggled with a few of the picks, and this resulted in two ties;  on the other hand, there were several easy selections.

One thing we as Goldeyes fans can be very thankful for: the Goldeyes always put great players on the field and each season this results in a very competitive team.  Based on the submissions by many Winnipeg Goldeyes is..

The Winnipeg Goldeyes All Time Team

Starting Pitchers:  Ace Walker and Chris Salamida

In the bullpen:  Donnie Smith and Brian Beuning

Catcher: Luis Alen

070629-Goldeye 2.jpg

1B: Terry Lee  2B  Brian Duva

SS: Max Poulin & Wes Long  3B:  Josh Mazzola

Outfield:  Reggie Abercrombie, Chris Roberson, Kevin West:

DH:  Juan Diaz & Wes Chamberlin

On the bench:  Ryan Robertson, Fehlandt Lentini, Casio Greider

Manager: Rick Forney; Coaches: Tom Vaeth and Rudy Arias

General Manager:  Andrew Collier


Honourable mentions:  Brian Myrow, Carmine Cappucio, Harry Barrios, Chris Kokinda, Bobby Madritsch and on and on and on…

It was lots of fun putting this team together; as I mentioned earlier, there really are no right or wrong selections.  All the ballplayers who have worn the Winnipeg Goldeyes jersey since 1994 are all All Stars in the eyes of Winnipeg Goldeyes fans.


One thought on “Your All Time Winnipeg Goldeyes team, as selected by the fans…by Chuck Duboff.

  1. Like each and every pick and as well the honorable mentioned players. As you said, we as Goldeye Fans have been so fortunate to have seen so many gifted players land here in The Peg.Some have only spent a year or two others 3 to 4 years. Most of them once they found out where Winnipeg was fell in love with the City, and THEIR Fans. Really enjoyed making my picks.


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