Q & A with new Winnipeg Goldeyes pitcher, Joel Effertz…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff
Winnipeg Goldeyes manager Rick Forney has been busy this offseason building another strong team.  One of the new additions to the Goldeyes pitching staff is Joel Effertz; I contacted Joel down in Madison, Wisconsin and did a little Q&A with him.  Sounds like a good midwestern boy who will feel right at home in Winnipeg this summer.
1.  Congratulations on signing with the Goldeyes; did you know much about Independent baseball before signing?
Joel:   I didn’t know much at all about Indy baseball. I had to talk to a few friends and coaches to steer me in the right direction. And I’m really glad I landed in Winnipeg!
2.  Can you share with the fans your baseball background…as a little boy, growing up, professional places you’ve played?
Joel:  Growing up I’ve always enjoyed sports. Played football, basketball and baseball. Being from the Midwest, we couldn’t just play baseball all year round. I was drafted 3 different times throughout my career. In 2013 I was drafted to the Miami Marlins. Baseball has taken me all over the place, and now, Canada!
3.  Favourite ball players growing up?  Why?
Joel:  I’m a huge Milwaukee Brewers fan! So really anyone that played for them.
4.  What type of pitcher are you?  How would you describe yourself?
Joel:  I’m a control pitcher with 4 different pitches that enjoys challenging hitters.
5.  Why did you decide to come to Winnipeg?  What is your offseason training like?
Joel:  I enjoy the cooler summer months. Florida weather was getting old. I needed a change of scenery. Baseball fans in Winnipeg I’ve  heard are outstanding and it’s a great place to go compete for the championship!
6.  Any interesting baseball stories that you’ve had throughout your career (that you can share…lol)?
Joel:  In baseball you always have good stories. I want to share with people that I got to know Jose Fernandez a little bit. What a great pitcher he was and I really enjoyed watching him play the game he truly loved!
7.  If you weren’t playing baseball, what would you be doing?
Joel:  Either going back to school or being a mail man
8.  Favourite food?
Joel:  Love any wild game. Deer, fish, etc.
9.  Any message you’d like to send to Goldeyes fans?
Joel:  I look forward to seeing you all out at the ball games. Thank you for supporting our team and I can’t wait to see you all in about a month.

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