Memo to Brian Pallister: Investing in youth both reduces crime and produces better citizens; contact info for our Premier!! …by Chuck Duboff


Hon. Brian Pallister

Office: Room 204 Legislative Building
Phone: (204) 945-3714

Brian Pallister, Premier of Manitoba, a politician who took a 20% salary increase last year, who has a $2million home on Wellington Crescent and spends several months a year at his Costa Rica home, has decided that investing in our future, investing in the youth of Manitoba, doesn’t fit into his “heartless’ government’s plans.

Both Kelvin High School and Dakota Collegiate have volunteers and parents who have raised money to improve the athletic facilities at both of their schools.  These are parents who are recognizing the importance of improved fields and gyms for their kids; they have done fundraising and have commitments from civic officials to contribute to their vision.

Study after study after study has shown that young people who are actively involved in extra curricular activities both stay out of trouble and are successful students.  I have a firsthand seat at this table, as I have seen the results of new soccer and hockey facilities giving my grandchildren outstanding experiences at the sports they love.  They are happy, academically successful, have lots of friends and are great kids!!  That’s what happens when you invest in the youth of this province.

Yet we have a heartless Premier, a man who benefited from government paid for gyms, to play basketball at many levels.  A Premier who didn’t turn down a 20% pay increase!!  A Premier who will complain about crime on the one hand, yet not invest in improved facilities at Dakota Collegiate and Kelvin High School!!  How cold and sanctimonious can one person get!!


Hon. Brian Pallister
Fort Whyte



Room 204 Legislative Building
450 Broadway
Winnipeg, MB R3C 0V8
Phone: (204) 945-3714
Fax: (204) 949-1484

Constituency Office:

Unit 143-99 Scurfield Blvd.
Winnipeg, MB R3Y 1Y1
Phone: (204) 489-0828


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