MLB Opening Day observations…by Chuck Duboff

openign day 2

© Chuck Duboff

  • MLB TV is awesome; every game, every day!!  You get to check into games around the league…and of course, it’s essentially a Yankees season ticket.  Oh the times we live in…just amazing.
  • I am just not sold on John Gibbons as a manager…even after his contract extension. Watching him go against Buck Showalter…he just seems so overmatched.
  • I’ve always said that Brooks Robinson and Mike Schmidt were the best 3B I’ve ever seen.  Right now Manny Machado is as good as it gets…that play he made yesterday might have been the greatest play I’ve ever seen at third base.  A diving stab of a screamer down the 3B line; and then from his knees he threw a rope to first base to get the runner!!  WOW!!manny-machado-injury
  • Listening to Joe Girardi talk about the “kids” and having to protect them…and manage expectations, sounds exactly like Paul Maurice talking about his young Jets and managing expectations…Gary Sanchez and Patrik Laine.
  • Trying to watch a baseball game from the Trop in Tampa is excruciating, even when they are playing the Yankees.  I lasted about 5 innings.  If Tampa doesn’t do something about a ballpark very soon, they will be gone.


  • Speaking of moving Tampa, it sounds like Montreal has all the money in place for a return of MLB.   From what I have been reading and hearing, once Rob Manford winks his eye to Montreal, construction of a ballpark will begin.  Would love to see the Expos back…Raines, Dawson, Cromartie, Ellis Valentine, Gary Carter, Steve Rodgers…man I loved that team.
  • The New York Mets may not have the strongest lineup, but with that pitching taking them deep into games, they have a chance to win every day…that is some kinda starting pitching.noah-syndergaard-efe6986baed78494
  • The St. Louis Cardinals, draft and develop…and with patience each season they insert a couple more home grown players.  They’ve been doing this for a very long time…sound familiar Winnipeg Jets fans?
  • Really liking the development of the Minnesota Twins…it may be awhile, but they are headed in the right direction.  Byron Buxton is one of their young players who has a bright future…made a sensational catch in centre field yesterday.Byron-Buxton-1
  • Madison Bumgarner, great starting pitcher, hits two Home Runs on opening day…umm, ok…can you also fix the plumbing in my kitchen?  That is just sick, but makes baseball the great game that it is.
  • Speaking of teams with not a lot of hitting, but great pitching…I think you can give the NL West to the Dodgers already; I think the Colorado Rockies might be their only competition this season; Clayton Kershaw, not too shabby.Clayton-Kershaw
  • Memo to Mickey Steen:  Clayton Kershaw makes more money than the whole San Diego Padres team combined.
  • It’s just one game Craig, don’t worry about your Cubs, they’ll be fine.
  • Love watching Bryce Harper at the plate…and when he crushes one like he did again on opening day (that’s 5 opening day home runs), that’s what makes baseball so exciting.
  • MLB is messing with the game too much: sending a batter to first base without a pitch being thrown on intentional walks…sorry, that’s just messing with the game. Too much can happen on an intentional walk!!  You’re saving a minute or two, but all that time being spent on replays on challenges is ruing the game…it disrupts the natural flow of the game.

    opening day


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