Winnipeg Jets season 6 in the books; observations, comments, predictions…by Chuck Duboff

Wheels and Laine

  • Though disappointed by not being in the playoffs, this Winnipeg Jets team is on the verge of something very special.
  • I’m constantly referencing the Kansas City Royals who had all the talent but had to learn how to win…when the Jets break through…look out NHL!!
  • Where would the Jets have been this season without the incredible season which Josh Morrisey had?  With all the injuries on defence, Morrisey’s growth was important and points to a bright future.
  • Four goalies this season spoke to Jets most glaring deficiency: goaltending.  Ranked 29th in GAA, one can only imagine where the Jets would be today had we received even average goaltending.  Four or five more wins and we’re in the playoffs.  Pav is done, Hutchinson had a good final couple of weeks, but is destined for the Moose. It’s hard to get a gauge on Eric Comrie after one game, but I sure was impressed. As for Conner Hellybucyk…I would suggest too much pressure was put on a rookie to carry the load himself.  A veteran goalie, Fleury, Bishop, Darling, is required to shoulder the load while Hellybucyk develops.  This has got to be Chevy’s first, second and third most important priority this off season.
    NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at Winnipeg Jets
  • Our first two lines are so dominant and when they are firing on all cylinders, the Jets are almost unbeatable.  I think Laine needs to be playing with Scheif…their chemistry was great; my first two lines would be:  Scheif, Laine and Ehlers, while the second line would be Little, Wheeler and Matty Perrault.
    Scheif hat trick
  • Adam Lowry is showing the same developmental trajectory which Scheif did; each season there is tangible growth to his game.  Though he’ll never be the playmaker and goal scorer that 55 is, Lowry is a player who can be counted on for years.
  • Though he shows flashes of talent, Joel Armia’s consistency is so frustrating.  One game so much talent, the next, he just seems to be floating.
  • Very, very impressed with Jack Roslovic; his speed and stick handling were super impressive…I’d have him ahead of Nic Petan on my depth chart.
  • As for Petan, I just don’t see an NHL player there.
  • If we could ever stay healthy, our defence would be solid; 44 and 8, 33 and 39, 57 and Poolman.  The trick is: staying healthy.  I think Melchiori offers a solid seventh defence man when needed,
  • Speaking of staying healthy: I think Toby Enstrom’s best days are behind him.  If there was anyway for the Jets organization to offer him some incentive to waive his no movement clause and let Vegas take him…I would jump on that opportunity.
  • With all the big contracts which Chevy is going to have to negotiate: Trouba, Ehlers, Laine, Morrisey…getting Pavs contract off the books will help, but an even bigger help would be Enstrom.  I love Matty Perrault, but he has a big contract for 3 more years…do we have to sacrifice him in order to lock up our future stars?  Chevy needs to get Trouba signed to a big time contract ASAP, because the longer he goes unsigned to a new contract, the greater the chances are that he will leave the first opportunity he gets.
  • This is the summer that will show what Kevin Cheveldayoff is made of:  we need a goalie, we need a depth defence-man (a 5 or 6) and we sure could use a forward who specializes in penalty killing.
  • Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton all went out and got goalies, with Toronto giving up a one and two to get Fredrik Anderson…and they are all in playoff positions.   You’ve got tons of talent on the Moose, you have draft picks…make it happen Chevy.
  • Paul Maurice…I am conflicted on what to do with him.  There is a reason why he is closing in on the all time most losses by a coach in NHL history; I dare say Mo overthinks things far too much…why not give Comrie, Roslovic and Conner the last two games; I do not understand that.  The mess on the PK, that’s on you coach, though I will give you props for the improved PP.  These past two seasons we have finished off strong, yet are not in the playoffs.  Where is the motivation during the season?  Far too many games the team came out so flat…that just can’t be, that’s the difference between making the playoffs and just missing.
  • TNSE…as a season ticket holder I appreciate all the upgrades you are making to the MTS Centre…it’s come a long way from season 1 of Jets 2.0; but, I would suggest, it’s time to put that same amount of energy and dollars into putting a winning product on to the ice; you know the honeymoon is over and fans are vocalizing their frustration…you need to give Chevy the go ahead to be a Cap Team; you need to think about your fierce loyalty to employees…this is big time sports and you need to be prepared to make the tough decisions on those who have been with the organization for a long time.  Toronto’s rebuild only took two seasons…they have several layers of management, from Shanahan to Lamarello, to Lemaire…perhaps that is what is lacking with the Jets…one more layer of management…Edmonton has Nicholson, Chirelli…Calgary has Burke and Treleving…perhaps Chevy needs someone working with him in decision making.
  • The growth of Nic Ehlers this season was spectacular, but like others, he needs more consistency; he has a great attitude and I’m sure will continue to grow.
  • Number 29…what can we say; a franchise changing pick.  I think this last month, Patrik Laine has been gassed.  He has played so much hockey and at just 18 years old, his tank is on empty…he needs a summer to recharge his battery and get back to the electric player we all know he is!!
  • I’ve never been more optimistic and excited for the future of this team…Chevy and TNSE need to go for it this summer…no more excuses!!  Getting a goalie needs to be priority number 1!!!!  I hope next year at this time we are talking about the first round of the playoffs and what a great season the team had!!!
  • Remember everybody…it was just six years ago at this time that we were just getting the Jets back…lets not lose sight of that!!   We have our Jets, and despite frustrations, let’s continue to support and show the same level of excitement having our team back !!!
  • And finally…to Chris Thorburn…you were a good soldier on this team; you stood up for your team mates and always gave a 100%.  I hope the Jets find a spot for you in the organization.

One thought on “Winnipeg Jets season 6 in the books; observations, comments, predictions…by Chuck Duboff

  1. Good read on Winnipeg Jets 2016- 2017, Players – Coaches – Management – TNSE
    Agree with most of what was said AND agree this is the off season where the Winnipeg Jet Organization are going to have to be far more active in bringing in what I know they desperately require – a proven Goaltender, it might cost a couple of prospects but WE NEED AN NHL Goaltender.
    Last Jet game of this season tonight, players head off to their summer homes, Jets Mangement time to get busy. Leaving us with a phrase I always use while we wait to see what happens ” STAY TUNED! “

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