Falcon Lake…Penguin Resorts; my spring/summer second home…by Chuck Duboff

Wonderful feedback from yesterday’s blog…on my spring/summer time retreat…Penguin Resort in Falcon Lake.

Chuck Eclectic Blog

FAlcon 15 Cabin 11 at Penguin Resorts…my second home.

Penguin Resorts in Falcon Lake…so very peaceful and beautiful.  It has been my spring/summer escape back to nature for the past fifteen years.  Waking up to loons singing amidst the fresh clean air,   No garbage trucks at 4 in the morning, police and ambulance sirens non-existent, people yelling on the streets…not happenin; just a breathtakingly beautiful place to read, relax, hike and allow nature to recapture your soul.  The owners, Irene and Ken, truly have invested not only their money, but have worked hard to make this resort a place where you feel welcome and are left not wanting anything.  Enjoy the pictures which follow (if you have any questions about the resort, drop me a note and i can connect you with Irene.)

Falcon 7Falcon 12

falcon 14 The Trans=Canada Trail is right beside the cabins…amazing hiking.

FAlcon 19

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