“Winnipeg is the best place I’ve ever played…” Q&A with Winnipeg Goldeyes pitcher Cameron McVey; by Chuck Duboff

Chuck & Geoff's Eclectic Blog.

Cameron-McVey-May-6-WG_1017 Winnipeg Goldeyes Pitcher, Cameron McVey

© Chuck Duboff

Question 1: Where do you spend your offseason and what kind of workouts do you do?

My offseason is spent in Glendora, California. I work out everyday for about 2 hours and 30 minutes. My workouts include weight lifting, arm care programs, stretching, and cardio.

Question 2:  What do you remember about last season’s playoff run and championship?

The playoff run as I remember was difficult. We had to battle each team at our best game. The opponents wanted to make the playoffs just as much as we did. When we beat the final team to advance into playoffs the vibe of our team was different. We were still hungry for that championship spot. Winning the championship for the Goldeyes is something I will never forget and what a great team to be on while winning. The clubhouse was full…

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