Cancer Care Manitoba, Project 11, Cerebral Palsy Association, Field of Dreams Foundation, True North Foundation, Anti-bullying, Harris’ Heroes, Break the Silence on violence against women, Camp Manitou…and so many more…all supported by the Winnipeg Jets, Winnipeg Goldeyes and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers!!


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I am a proud season ticket holder of the Winnipeg Jets, Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the Winnipeg Goldeyes.  Throughout my life they have brought more pleasure, excitement, socializing and pride in Winnipeg than I could ever measure,

It is very easy for people/journalists in this city to bemoan the huge salaries and accrued benefits which pro athletes receive.  I would suggest that all that these pro teams do to give back to our city should not be overlooked, should not be denigrated…in fact, we should celebrate these teams and their athletes who: without being told to, visit children’s hospitals, fly up north to talk to youth about bullying, raise funds for cancer care, provide specially fitted bikes for cerebral palsy youth…and on and on and on…

Much of the information which you will see below was taken from each of the team’s websites.  This is public information…perhaps before you criticize our athletes for their salaries and benefits…take the time to read about what they give back to our city and province

Harris hero

Winnipeg Blue Bomber, Andrew Harris and his Harris’ Heroes.

Do you know a group of youth who are making a difference in our community? Winnipeg Blue Bomber running back Andrew Harris wants to hear from you! Reward a group of youth today with an exclusive Winnipeg Blue Bombers game day experience. Chosen groups will receive tickets to a home game where they will be featured on the video boards and will get the chance to meet Andrew Harris in person after the game!


The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have partnered with the Manitoba government and Status of Women Canada to Break the Silence on Violence against Women. This new initiative will feature Winnipeg Blue Bombers players in public service announcements and youth education workshops. Over the next three years, players and staff will deliver more than 100 school-based educational workshops for high school students, football teams, coaching staff, and community leaders.

Manitoba Status of Women and Status of Women Canada have provided support for this initiative.

In 2012, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the Manitoba government launched a series of PSAs and promotional material for Manitoba Status of Women’s Stop the Violence campaign. This campaign, named Be More Than a Bystander: Break the Silence on Violence Against Women, was a result of a priority outlined in Manitoba’s Multi-Year Domestic Violence Prevention Strategy (2012) under Engaging Men as Allies: “launch an ongoing campaign featuring sports celebrities speaking out about violence against women, including social media components.”

The Bombers and Manitoba Status of Women jointly produced videos of players issuing a call to all men, urging them to become allies of women, all with their own key messages. Topics included sexual assault statistics, being “one of the guys,” gender-based violence, damage to children, sharing explicit images, and family violence. These videos and posters were added to the province’s “Stop the Violence Toolkit,” which included downloadable PDFs and sample Tweets for social media. One of the marquee players featured in the videos, Chris Cvetkovic, was trained by Jackson Katz on gender violence and went on to be an ambassador for Manitoba Status of Women.


Since it’s inception in 1995, the Field of Dreams Foundation has raised nearly $2 million for children’s charities in Manitoba through a number of sources, most notably the annual Winnipeg Goldeyes Field of Dreams Foundation Golf Tournament.  Other revenue generators include fan donations, the Fillmore Riley LLP Ks for Kids promotion, the TCBY Radar Pitching Booth, memorabilia auctions and the sale of 50/50 tickets at Shaw Park during home games.

WINNIPEG, MB – The Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba (CPAM), in conjunction with the Winnipeg Goldeyes Field of Dreams Foundation, will make a special presentation at George Waters Middle School on Tuesday, April 25th at 8:30 a.m.

The Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba will present an adapted bicycle to 12-year-old Elham Albakar, who has a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy (CP).

Elham and her family (five siblings and their parents) escaped war conditions in their home of Aleppo, Syria in December of 2015.  Earlier this winter, Elham attended school for the first time in her life, where she had the opportunity to ride an adapted three-wheel bicycle customized by Winnipeg-based Freedom Concepts.

“Elham is an inspiring young lady who has shown great determination, resilience, and independence in the face of adversity,” said David Kron, Executive Director for CPAM.  “The Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba and the Winnipeg Goldeyes Field of Dreams Foundation are proud to provide this support.  Riding a bike is a rite of passage for any 12-year-old, regardless of their level of ability.  Elham will now be able to ride with her peers and siblings, and enjoy the recreational and physical benefits associated with the lifelong pastime of cycling.”

The Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba is a registered charity dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals affected by Cerebral Palsy through programs, education, advocacy, and peer support.  CPAM offers an equipment grant program supported by non-traditional sources such as the Field of Dreams Foundation.

The Winnipeg Goldeyes Field of Dreams Foundation was founded in 1995, and has donated more than $2 Million to children’s charities in Manitoba.  Funds are raised each season through various events and activities, both inside and outside of Shaw Park.

Camp Manitou is settling into its 3rd summer of operation under the True North Youth Foundation (TNYF). Beginning last fall, the camp grounds have received quite a few new upgrades. The Kinsmen Lodge was updated with new exterior with new metal roofing and siding. The zip line and the climbing wall are now up and running. The outdoor rink and toboggan slide has been a welcome expansion to Camp Manitou’s winter activities.

Camp Manitou campers will be delighted to see a number of projects completed this summer; pool heating, 12 overnight cabins, and player’s boxes and wash house for the outdoor rink.

The TNYF believes strongly in its commitment to the community and providing opportunities to the underserved youth of Manitoba. At Camp Manitou, outdoor programming is delivered with the goal of providing accessible, meaningful, camp experiences to Manitoba children, youth and community groups.

Looking forward to a great summer!

Project 11

The Winnipeg Jets announced today the Jets’ Wives & Girlfriends raised more than $20,000 for CancerCare Manitoba and Can DO People through a pair of fundraising initiatives. The Jets’ Wives & Girlfriends sold holiday card sets, which generated $5,000 for Can DO People, and Love Struck Pucks, which generated $16,224.77 for CancerCare Manitoba.


Jets wives

A package of seven holiday cards were sold during games leading up to the holiday season and at all Jets Gear locations. Winnipeg Jets’ players, along with their families, helped create their own unique card, whether that be a photo from their youth or an original drawing created by the player or their family.


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  1. Excellent read and a definite eye opener for not just Winnipegger’s but ALL Manitobans as to what our Professional Sports Team contribute into lending a helping hand. In no special order, THANK YOU, Winnipeg Goldeyes – Winnipeg Blue Bombers – Winnipeg Jets – well done!

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    Received so many comments yesterday: “I didn’t know that”…our pro teams give back to the community so very much; I would ask sports reporters, who get trips to Korea, see all games for free, and have not shown the same commitment to giving back as the pro sports teams…perhaps you can emulate this blog I put together and talk about the good that our teams do…or does that not sell papers?


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