Cancer Care Manitoba, Project 11, Cerebral Palsy Association, Field of Dreams Foundation, True North Foundation, Anti-bullying, Harris’ Heroes, Break the Silence on violence against women, Camp Manitou…and so many more…all supported by the Winnipeg Jets, Winnipeg Goldeyes and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers!!

Received so many comments yesterday: “I didn’t know that”…our pro teams give back to the community so very much; I would ask sports reporters, who get trips to Korea, see all games for free, and have not shown the same commitment to giving back as the pro sports teams…perhaps you can emulate this blog I put together and talk about the good that our teams do…or does that not sell papers?

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I am a proud season ticket holder of the Winnipeg Jets, Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the Winnipeg Goldeyes.  Throughout my life they have brought more pleasure, excitement, socializing and pride in Winnipeg than I could ever measure,

It is very easy for people/journalists in this city to bemoan the huge salaries and accrued benefits which pro athletes receive.  I would suggest that all that these pro teams do to give back to our city should not be overlooked, should not be denigrated…in fact, we should celebrate these teams and their athletes who: without being told to, visit children’s hospitals, fly up north to talk to youth about bullying, raise funds for cancer care, provide specially fitted bikes for cerebral palsy youth…and on and on and on…

Much of the information which you will see below was taken from each of the team’s websites.  This is public information…perhaps…

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