Saturday morning random thoughts…from elevators to Goldeyes training camp to Aaron Judge; by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff


  • 12 Freakin days with no elevator service…seriously, 12 days!!  Well done Towers Realty, well done!!  8 flights of stairs, 2, 3, 4 times a day…for 12 freakin days!!
  • Forecast for this week looks awesome!!
  • One week from today the Winnipeg Goldeyes start training camp!!  Sweeet!!
    Goldeyes 2
  • 12 Freakin days Towers Realty, 12 freakin days!!!
  • Today marks 100 days of the Trump Gong Show…if somebody had made this administration as a movie…nobody would have believed it!!  You’ve gotta watch this Simpsons preview for Sunday nights show!!
  • Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees is the real deal; when he crushes one, it is a reminder of the Mick himself; the kid is humble, talented and will be a fixture in right field for years to come!!
  • Not sure who will be playing SS this season for the Goldeyes…key position…or perhaps it’ll be Casio Grider or Wes Darvill
  • Left half my groceries in the car yesterday afternoon…all the perishables…thinking I’d have elevators to bring them up with today.   12 Freakin Days Towers Realty.
  • Feels great helping your kids out…indescribable…Love you Carly and Matt…so very much.
  • Workouts have been fantastic lately…have started a new circuit the last few weeks…treadmill, then elliptical, then bike, then rowing machine…followed with weights for about 20 minutes.
  • Chevy sits idly by and Carolina pulls off a trade getting Scott Darling from the Black Hawks…when will we ever see a bold move Chevy?
  • It’s so great having MLB TV…I think I’ve only missed two Yankees games this year…and when they have a day off or I’m just in the mood for a ballgame…I have 15 other ones to choose from…Technology today is amazing.
  • 12 Freakin Days!!!!  ….don’t tell me to chill…try hauling groceries…first a long walk from the car to the stairs…and then it’s up 8 flights of stairs with groceries.
  • I think Goldeyes mgr Rick Forney has put together a great starting pitching staff…will be interesting to see what our bullpen looks like.
  • Going to head down soon for another great workout…and with this great weather may head out for a nice, long hike this afternoon.
  • …and so they say…we only go through this journey called life one time…try new things…gets tedious and kinda boring…and you miss out on so much…love the look of this guy…and so, I’m going to try and get this look…see how it turns out..nothing to lose…what’s the worst that could happen…I look twenty years older…LOL
    FullSizeRender (15)

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