Hey Boston: it’s 2017…just because your president is a racist, that doesn’t justify your racist actions towards professional ballplayers!!!

What do you say to your 8 and 10 year old grandchildren about the behaviour of Red Sox fans at Monday night’s game…you tell the sad truth…

Chuck Eclectic Blog

CC Sabathia in Boston_20170502204739609_7948388_ver1.0_320_180

© Chuck Duboff : “And this is why I’ve always hated Boston teams.”

Racism always has been a divisive issue in the United States of America; going back to the times of slavery to the celebration of Jackie Robinson being the first African American player to play in the Majors.

Here we are in 2017, the United States led by a racist president, and the sports fans in Boston continue their sad history of racist behaviour towards professional athletes.

As a kid it  struck me that the Boston Red Sox always had an all white team; in fact they were the last team to have a black player on their roster.  The Boston Celtics, in a sport dominated by African Americans, routinely started three or four white players.  The New England Patriots were the last team to start a black QB and that wasn’t until 2016.

fenway Boston Red Sox fans…

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