225 Days later & die hard Winnipeg Goldeyes fans are smiling; the Boys are Back in Town!! Saturday morning: Training camp begins along with the annual Open House. LET’S PLAY BALL!!

LET’S PLAY BALL!!! See you at the ballpark!!

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I woke up with a smile this morning…our ball club, the Winnipeg Goldeyes, get back at it Saturday morning for the beginning of the long odyssey known as the 2017 American Association season.  It’s been 225 days since the Goldeyes captured the 2016 Championship…and now it’s time to get it started again boys!!

Goldeyes 5

My good friend, Steve Schuster, has said several times in the past week: “this is the best time of the year.”  For die hard baseball fans, knowing that we have nearly 5 months of baseball in front of us…well, it just doesn’t get any better.  Goldeyes players have been rolling in all week; season tickets are ready for pick up; the locker room is ready; Andrew Collier is busy making sure everything is functioning as smoothly as usual at the well oiled machine known as the Winnipeg Goldeyes front office.


The Goldeyes start training…

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