Winnipeg Goldeyes Training Camp and Open House…in pictures…by Chuck Duboff

What a beautiful Spring day to get the Goldeyes season started.

Chuck’s Eclectic Blog.

© Chuck Duboff

“What a beautiful day!!”  “Have you seen our new catcher Suarez?”  “Look at all those pitchers out there!!”  “What a great crowd today!”  “Bergan just looks like a hitter”  “Wow, have you seen number 56?  That pitcher?  He was with AAA in the Dodgers system.”

Just a few of the words, observations of Goldeyes fans as they got their first look at the 2017 edition of the Winnipeg Goldeyes.  This may have been the best weather we’ve ever had for the opening of Training Camp and the Annual Open House.  What a perfect day sitting and watching Goldeyes baseball under the beautiful sunshine.

I thought I’d let the pictures tell the story (with a special thanks to Josh Alan photography and Hank Lemoine for a few extra pictures besides the ones that i took)

FullSizeRender (17) Josh Romanski

FullSizeRender (21) Our two new catchers hard at work.


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