Eclectic you say: Here’s my protein packed, delicious, savoury Brown Rice & Chicken dish!! (Who knew?…lol) By Chuck Duboff

****Don’t tell anybody…but Bill Murray & David Letterman help out down below****


© Chuck Duboff

Brown Rice & Chicken

  • Start off by reading instructions on how to properly cook brown rice  (duh)
  • Put rice into cooking pot and let it do its thing for 40 minutes (I think)
  • Fill a bowl with frozen kale and broccoli (I don’t know how much, just fill it…what’s a measuring cup?)
  • Grill two deboned chicken breasts (got it)
  • After simmering rice is done and breasts are cooked and kale and broccoli are ready….(Here goes)
  • Cut up the chicken breast into small pieces…
  • Put rice in dish, cover it with the veggies, cover all that with the chicken, sprinkle on some Cumin…and mix…yup, just mix.
  • Pour on some Greek Feta Dressing and stir once again…
  • Voila…you have one delicious, protein packed, filling dinner.
  • And…No baseball references in this whole recipe. (Boring)



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