50 Years Later…not Shoeless Joe or Moonlight Graham; it’s my grandson on the same baseball field!!

Thank you for all the wonderful comments about this blog…it really was a heart felt piece of writing.

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School wasn’t really that important that day; who cared about fractions when I had a game that night.   I couldn’t wait to get home and put on my grey Giants uniform. Baseball…that’s all that really mattered; whether studying the Yankees box scores or playing a game, baseball was my life.

As soon as I got home from school, I’d eat, get my uniform on, check to make sure it looked like the way Mickey Mantle wore it…then I’d get on my bike and get over to Diamond #3 at the Garden City Community Centre.  Was I pitching that night or was it shortstop?  I had just pitched a no-hitter a few days earlier, shutting down the other team with my nasty side arm delivery.  So it didn’t really matter if I pitched that night; as long as I was on a baseball diamond, I was in…

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