There’s a special sound of a ball hit 495 feet…you know it when you hear it; by Chuck Duboff

Yankee fans

If you can’t be there!!

Sunday afternoon, June 11th, I was watching the New York Yankees play the Baltimore Orioles on the YES television network.  The previous evening the Yankees had overwhelmed Orioles pitching in a 16-3 win.  It was a new day on Sunday and the Orioles were looking to avoid getting swept by their AL East rivals, the New York Yankees.

Chris Tillman was on the mound for the Orioles and it looked like he was going to cruise through the first inning.  He got through the first two batters, Brett Gardner and Aaron HIcks; both Yankees broadcasters, Michael Kay and Paul O’Neil, commented that Tillman had difficult first innings throughout the whole season…and prophetically, following getting two outs, the Yankees bats caught on fire once again, and scored five runs in the first inning.

In order to give Masahera Tanaka an extra days rest, the Yankees went with a bullpen committee pitching staff to face the Orioles.  The Yankees were taking care of things and had a comfortable 7-3 lead in the bottom of the 6th inning when…. Aaron Judge took a 1-1 pitch from Logan Verrett to left field…no, not just left field…he crushed the ball well over the bleachers and deep into the stands…but, it’s the sound of the ball coming off the bat…that’s not the sound of a 390 ft home run.   I was watching the game, when suddenly Verrett made a pitch…and the sound of the ball hitting the bat was indescribable…


I couldn’t believe what I had just seen; a ball driven so far, so deep into the stands!!  The broadcasters were almost speechless, the Yankees players in the dugout were in disbelief.  Replaying it over and over, there is a sound that you hear, when the bat and ball connect that is so unique, so rarely heard.  Wow, just wow.

Back when I was a little guy watching my Yankees, Mantle and Maris…the coverage of baseball was nowhere near the same.  There was the Saturday afternoon game of the week…and that was it. You didn’t get to see every game, every day, so you never really knew the true story of the home runs that Mantle and Maris were hitting.

Today, with the benefit of amazing technology, we can watch every pitch, every game,
every day.  I believe I’ve now watched Aaron Judge’s mammoth home run more than
a hundred times…unlike Roger or the Mick whose home runs I only saw if they hit them
on a Saturday afternoon.
Aaron Judge came up again in the 7th inning and crushed his 22nd home run of the season into right centre field…a mere 395 feet.  Coming back to the dugout he got the silent treatment from his team mates…Judge played along and pretended he was giving the high-five to every player…upon which all the players ran up to him with
In over 50 years of watching baseball, the only other time I can honestly remember
hearing that sound is when the Winnipeg Goldeyes were in the playoffs, extra innings
and Barbero Cannazero crushed one to deep left field…to win the game.  The moment the ball hit the bat you knew it was gone…deep over the fence, likely into the Red River.
A very humble young man, Aaron Judge; check out these great videos:

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