A sea of tears…a world in need of peace, love and leadership. By Chuck Duboff



© Chuck Duboff

The anger which permeates the world today is palpable.  Individuals walk the streets filled with a sense of hopelessness; multinationals produce weaponry designed to annihilate nations, all in the name of the mighty dollar. Religions justify unGodly behaviour and leave human kind wondering what has happened to decency, truth, compassion and human rights for fellow citizens of this earth.


Our planets environment is being destroyed by selfish, self-absorbed politicians in full denial.  Religious extremists on both the left and right act out in irrational behaviour, numb to the damage they are doing to the soul of this world.  Politicians lie, blatantly lie, stare you in the eye and lie, leaving citizens wondering what has happened to goodness, leadership, truth and the desire to make this a better home for all.


This world is in desperate need of a Leader.  An individual who is bright, compassionate, sincere and willing to do what is best for the future of man kind; an individual who will inspire, bring hope and a shining light to the darkness which currently permeates the world we live in.   An individual not controlled by the mighty dollar, but rather a Leader capable of bringing hope back…to replace anger with love, war with peace, hate with kindness.



Until such time as this Leader is found, I fear for our very near future…I fear for a world consumed with anger, hate, destruction, and a love of the all mighty dollar.

We need another Summer of Love, a Leader to bring sunshine and peace to our world.

end of the world

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