Dying quail, Uncle Charlie, Baltimore Chop; do you know your baseball terms?…by Chuck Duboff


There isn’t another sport which cherishes its history as much as baseball.  Baseball geeks love their statistics, coming up with new numbers everyday to explain hitting, pitching and fielding patterns.

Another wonderful part of the mythology of baseball is some of the unique names given to certain pitches, hits and plays in a game.

I’ll post these today, let you think about them (no google searches) and then explain them tomorrow…how many do you know?

  • Sunday hop
  • Mendoza Line


  • Baltimore Chop
  • Texas Leaguer
  • Fungo
  • Around the horn
  • Banjo hitter
  • Chin Music
  • Hit for the cycle
  • Dying quail
  • Punch and Judy hitter
  • Suicide squeeze
  • Uncle Charlie
  • Pesky pole
  • The battery
  • A can of corn
  • Eephus pitch
  • The Golden Sombraro

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