Busy times in Jets land; we think…by Chuck Duboff

Jets Stanley Cup

© Chuck Duboff


  • Why is there such a cone of silence around the Jets?  I’d like to understand their thinking.
  • Can we strike gold again at 13 in the Draft?  Josh Morrisey turned out to be a pretty darn good at pick 13.
  • Do the Jets have a deal with Vegas not to take Toby Enstrom…or, does Enstrom finish out his career with Vegas?
  • Goalie, goalie…did somebody say goalie?  Is there an actual plan to upgrade our goaltending situation; will the Jets make a trade for either a front line goalie or a more reliable backup than Michael Hutchinson?
  • All the work that True North is putting into upgrading the Bell-MTS Centre is fantastic; but, at some point the on ice product also needs an upgrade…the patience of die hard fans is wearing awfully thin.
  • Is there going to be a contract extension for Paul Maurice this summer or will he be in limbo all next season?
  • Do the Jets load up on defence men in this draft?  We are stock piled with quality forwards in the system, while our depth on D is rather thin.
  • When the schedule is announced on Thursday, will it be a little more balanced for the Jets…it seems like other teams always have games in hand on our team and that leaves us scrambling by the end of the year.
  • Who does Vegas take tonight?  Is it Toby or Marco?  Personally, I hope it’s Dano…not a huge fan and it would seem he has some unknown baggage which leaves coaches very unhappy with him.
  • Classy move on the part of Enstrom to waive his No Move Clause; he likes it here and wants to finish his career in Winnipeg…didn’t have to wave his NMC…well done Toby.
  • Can Tyler Myers play a whole season and stay healthy?  I think he’s an elite defence man, and it would be awesome to get a whole season out of him.
  • I’ve said this before, but, both Edmonton and Toronto went out and got solid goaltending last season, Cam Talbot and Fredrik Anderson…they both made the playoffs; that is what I believe separated the Jets from those two teams, quality goaltending.  Carolina (Darling), Dallas (Bishop), Calgary (Smith)..they’ve all gone out and upgraded their goaltending…memo to Chevy from your loyal fans…please do something.
  • Jacob Trouba…any hope that we get him signed to a long term deal this summer?  Scheif and Buff made long term commitments to the team, is,  it hoping too much that we could get Troubs also locked up long term?
  • I’d like to see Lowrey’s line become the 4th line…and have a 3rd line of Roslovic, Conner and ???  (Shane Doan anyone??  Has he got anything left in the tank?)
  • Free Agency on July 1st…will we continue to sit on the sidelines or actually try and upgrade this team?
  • It’s supposedly summer in Winnipeg/Canada…and the talk for the next two weeks will be hockey, hockey and more hockey.

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