Saturday Morning MLB notebook…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

Joe DiMaggio holds the New York Yankees rookie record with 29 Home Runs in 1936.
Aaron Judge has now hit 25 and it’s only June 24th.  Mark McGwire has the rookie
record of 49 in 1987.
  • Wake up this morning to see that the Yankees finally released Chris Carter and brought up Tyler Austin from AAA; I have been saying for months, Carter is one of the worst major league players I have ever seen; from Houston to Milwaukee to the Yankees…plays with no emotion, can’t field and is a terrible hitter.  I have lots of respect for Brian Cashman, but this is one move I questioned the day they signed Carter in the off season.
  • Nice story coming out of LA, with yet another rookie crushing baseballs; Cody Bellinger, who was almost sent down to AAA in April, is doing for the Dodgers what Aaron Judge is doing for the Yankees.
  • How bad are the Philadelphia Phillies; when I checked on Wednesday, they had won only 11 of their last 49 ballgames.  The conjecture is that the Phillies are aiming for 2019 to field an exciting team…they are following the path of both the Cubs and Astros, who completed gutted their teams, picked up high draft picks and now are stacked with great players.  How’d you like to be a fan of a team which says in spring training, we still have a couple of years to go before we’re any good.  Both the Phillies and the Padres are on this path and both play mind numbingly bad baseball.  Wonder if the owners would consider lowering ticket prices for the fans who have to put up with a mediocre team.
  • The unwritten rules of baseball: you don’t bunt to break up a no-hitter or perfect game.  Sorry, last time I checked a bunt was considered a hit…if you don’t want the bunt to break up the no no, then make a freaking play to stop it; if you’re talented enough to drop a bunt down and beat out the throw to first, good on ya.Bunting on a no hitter
  • Interesting watching Big Papi have his number retired in Boston last night; I’ve never had a problem with Ortiz ( Pedro is a different story), but if you look at his baseball card from the season he was brought over to the Red Sox from the Twins, you will see a man, much like Barry Bonds, who was half the size he was when he was crushing home runs.  When asked about steroids, PED’s, he gets very defensive…
  • Watched Max Scherzer pitch again for the Nats; what a great pitcher he is.  Felt badly for him…had another no-hitter going and was into the 8th inning; you could see he was running out of gas, but given the sorry state of the National’s bullpen, he stayed in there and ended up losing the game 2-1.  That loss is on the GM of the Nats, Mike Rizzo…go out and get your team some bullpen help!!
  • The National League West is going to be some dog race, right to the end of the season.  As of this morning, Arizona, Colorado and the Dodgers are all playing over .600 ball…that is really something.  They would appear to have a lock on both wild cards…so NL Central and East…you’re going to have to win outright.
  • Though the Twins have the foundation for an exciting young team, the Cleveland Indians are going to start pulling away.  They’ve got great starting pitching, a shut down closer in Andrew Miller and Edwin Encarnacion is starting to heat up.  With Terry Francona driving the bus…I can see the Tribe in the World Series again this season.  FYI…love Tito…great manager and just loves baseball.  Bonus points if you remember Terry Francona playing for the Montreal Expos.

  • Yasiel Puig…time to grow up buddy…I know it’s a big adjustment from life in Cuba; but you’ve been in North America for several years now…you’re not going to have a more understanding organization than the Dodgers…learn to show some respect to the game of baseball.

New York Yankees News and Notes:

  • Nice to see Masahero Tanaka back to his old form last night, facing his countryman Yu Darvish.  Though it may seem tedious to others, there’s nothing better than two great pitchers going up against each other.
  • Ronald Torreyes…talk about a guy living the dream.  A journeyman infielder whom the Yankees picked up…I dare say he’s been one of the most valuable players for the Yankees this season, filling in for Didi for a long stretch and Hedley the past few days.  Last night he picked up his first walk off RBI…so great seeing his teammates excited for him.  You don’t have to be a big man in baseball to play the game  (see Jose Altuve)Terreyes
  • Tyler Clippard has just suddenly lost it; had a great April and May coming out of the bullpen, but has been awful the last few weeks.  Same with Dillon Betances…not the dominating pitcher he was.
  • I love the Yankees double play combo of Didi and Starlin Castro…but, watching both of them commit inexcusable errors the other night, is just a reminder that no matter how good you are…mistakes are going to happen.
  • Aaron Judge is 1 of 6 players in Yankees history to hit at least 25 HR through 70 team games. The others:
    Babe Ruth
    Roger Maris
    Lou Gehrig
    Mickey Mantle
    Alex Rodriguez 

    Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth, Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle.


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    Updated: Tyler Clippard had another terrible outing and was booed off the field; he responded: “they should boo me off the field I was terrible; this is a city that demands excellence” I’ve never understood fans who applaud when a pitcher who has had a terrible outing and comes off the field.


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