Made With Love; an exciting bar tending competition, Monday evening at the Fort Gary Hotel…by Chuck Duboff

made with love

I was at my usual writing/reading coffee house, Fools & Horses; I noticed that two young ladies sitting near me were speaking French.  I struck up a conversation with Florence and Jannick and ended up learning about an exciting event which will be taking place Monday evening at the Fort Gary Hotel.  After Florence shared with me how much she enjoys visiting Winnipeg, both ladies, from Montreal, started sharing with me about the bar tending competition that they organize.

Florence  is the National Event planner for Made with Love, while Jannick is responsible for media relations.  They explained that these competitions take place right across Canada, ending with a national bartending champion.

The passion and enthusiasm which they display is contagious and I thought it would be fun to help the ladies publicize their event.  If you’re looking for a fun evening Monday night, the Fort Gary Hotel will be the place to be.



MADE WITH LOVE is an international event for culinary discoveries and an annual celebration of the restaurant industry. The public, alongside a panel of renowned judges, are invited to witness this interactive competition by savoring various creations presented to them and to vote for their favorites.

bartending final

At MADE WITH LOVE, we are constantly searching for passionate people to whom excellence is a standard and extravagance is a pleasure – people who fully assume the responsibility of being part of a community by identifying to it and by promoting it. No matter what passion it is, this person is identifiable by the look in their eyes, the tone of their voice and the number of times they laugh in a day. Our quest gave rise to a passionate project that allows us to surpass ourselves, to be more creative than ever and to be part of a community which is in constant expansion!

MADE WITH LOVE was founded in Montreal, Canada. Today, MADE WITH LOVE is active in 3 countries (Canada, Mexico, and Spain) and continues to develop internationally.

Winnipeg information:

Jannick B. Duval
Press Relations &
Event Coordinator

C: 514-436-4239 [1]
E: [2]



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