Martha Ticklebottom, say hello to Lucy & her football…episode 10; by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

It’s become a Lucy and Charlie Brown routine.  Martha reappears in all her sincerity, much like Lucy appears with her football, reassuring Charlie that this time she won’t pull the football away.  It continues…Charlie is taken in by Lucy’s shell game, while Martha does the same to Chuck.


I continue to write about this strange lady who has had the power over me for more than three years; I’ve written about the psychiatric report, the police investigation, the bar patrons account of her…and yet, when she reaches out with her kind words, I am drawn back in.

She appears, unannounced; a text message suddenly sending greetings, explaining her whereabouts (though she must come up with some new explanations, they’re getting redundant)  Martha explains all that is going on in her strange life and then emphatically states a desire to talk on the phone and get together.  You’d think after all these times, much like Lucy and her football, that I would be ready for this…immune to her game. But, no…she arranges a time to call and we text about going to see Cirque du Soleil…she even offers up days to go…I’m drawn in…make myself vulnerable and of course go and purchase tickets for us for the show.  I call and there is no answer; I try to leave a message, but the voicemail is full, much like it has been for the past few years. I text in the morning…without a response.  Lucy is having a great old time with her “sucka”

Perhaps I am just fascinated by this game that she plays…it’s intriguing in some macabre way; it’s sick in another Edgar Allen Poe kind of way and perhaps that is what keeps me attracted.  Maybe just one time, Lucy won’t pull the football away and Charlie will finally get that kick off!!  But, alas, then the story will end…perhaps if I were to ever meet Ms. Ticklebottom that would bring some clarity to this odd story.

Is this the last chapter of the Martha Ticklebottom saga?  Will she find a way to haunt, yet again…will i finally block her on my cell phone…or is the “drug” of Martha’s strange mind to hard to let go of?

black hair





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