Saturday Morning MLB notebook…by Chuck Duboff

Updated: Tyler Clippard had another terrible outing Saturday and was booed off the field; he responded: “they should boo me off the field I was terrible; this is a city that demands excellence” I’ve never understood fans who applaud when a pitcher who has had a terrible outing and comes off the field.

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Joe DiMaggio holds the New York Yankees rookie record with 29 Home Runs in 1936.
Aaron Judge has now hit 25 and it’s only June 24th.  Mark McGwire has the rookie
record of 49 in 1987.
  • Wake up this morning to see that the Yankees finally released Chris Carter and brought up Tyler Austin from AAA; I have been saying for months, Carter is one of the worst major league players I have ever seen; from Houston to Milwaukee to the Yankees…plays with no emotion, can’t field and is a terrible hitter.  I have lots of respect for Brian Cashman, but this is one move I questioned the day they signed Carter in the off season.
  • Nice story coming out of LA, with yet another rookie crushing baseballs; Cody Bellinger, who was almost sent down to AAA in April, is doing for the Dodgers what Aaron Judge…

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