National Geographic & USA Today rank Winnipeg and the Human Rights Museum as top tourist destinations!! See why…by Chuck Duboff

**National Geographic in 2016 and USA Today just last week, both ranked Winnipeg, the Forks, and the Human Rights Museum, as one of the top tourist destinations in the world.**

I went for a long hike/jog this morning…started at the Forks walkway, up through the Forks, over the bridges, by the ballpark and then back home.

Listening to the music on my cell phone, I decided to take pix of the Forks…what a jewel we have right in the centre of our city.


FullSizeRender (2)

Jogging along the Forks Walkway.


Aboriginal gathering place.


The Forks…the Red and Assiniboine River meet.


The Canadian Museum of Human Rights


Esplanad Riel


A beautiful walkway


FullSizeRender (1)

Gandhi greeting visitors to the Canadian Museum of Human Rights





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