“This Canada” by Geoff Brookes.

If you didn’t have a chance to read this yesterday, join the hundreds of others who read these great lyrics for “This Canada” written by my very good friend Geoff Brookes.

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Canada 3

This Canada

© Geoff Brookes  June 27, 2017


They left behind their parents.

They left their family homes.

Some left with all their loved ones,

And some left all alone.

They crossed the mighty oceans

To land upon these shores;

To make a new life, strange but free,

A new life in the North.

They settled near the rivers.

They gathered from the plains.

They battled for their nationhood,

Their people and their name.

canada 1


We show our love throughout this land,

As proud as we can be

To celebrate this Canada,

The true north strong and free.


We journeyed through the mountains;

From sea, to sea, to sea.

We learned the beauty of the wild;

How nature sets us free.

Canada 2

We joined with one another.

We learned that we are one,

United by our history,

By freedoms we have won.

(Final verse, a Capella):

So let us…

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