Friday Morning MLB notebook…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff


Umpire John Tumpane saves the life of a young woman in crisis about to jump off a bridge!!

  • John Tumpane, MLB Umpire…restores our faith in humanity by saving the life of a young lady about to jump off a bridge.  Good on ya John!!  Well done.
  • Miguel Montero…you just don’t do that man; you never throw a teammate under a bus.  Montero, after having had the Washington Nationals steal 7 bases on him, went to the media and blamed pitcher Jake Ariata for all the stolen bases.  Theo Epstein acted swiftly and the next morning Montero was released…as he should have been.  Well done Theo…
  • Roberto Osuna…that took a lot of courage to publicly speak about your anxiety, depression…”I fee lost”.  You’re not alone Roberto; the more people talk about mental health issues, the more accepting society will be come.  Stay strong my man.

    Roberto Osuna:  “I feel lost”


  • It seems like every season the New York Mets go through an endless stream of players on the DL; just this week, former Met pitcher Ron Darlin, now a broadcaster for the team, called into question the skill/talent of the training staff for the Mets.  Having a great training staff is so important to any professional team.
  • Hands up if you saw the San Francisco Giants nosediving like they have this season.
  • The NL West…now that is exciting baseball; the D Backs and Rockies playing great ball, while the Dodgers unearthed another gem, with rooki Cody Bellinger exciting fans with 22 Home Runs; love watching young kids breaking into the majors!!
  • With video replay and the strike zone so defined on TV…it amazes me how many times umpires miss the strike zone by a very significant margin; saw one the other day where the pitch had to be at least a foot outside the strike zone and the ump called it a strike…and of course, the batter went off on the ump, as did the manager.  Robots for umpires are coming…I hate it, but…the technology is there.
  • Nice seeing the Atlanta Braves finally show some progress in their massive rebuild.
  • Surprisingly, the St Louis Cardinals don’t have much…for an organization that prides itself on developing players (hello Winnipeg Jets), this current crop of young Cardinals are nothing more than average.  (sorry

    Yankees News and Notes:

  • The Yankees DL is overflowing…currently, CC Sabathia, Aaron Hicks, Starlin Castro, Matt Holliday and last night, Yankee phenom, Dustin Fowler was added to the list.
  • Speaking of Dustin Fowler, he had his dream come true and with all the Yankee injuries, was called up to the Majors for the first time.  Sadly, he sustained an horrific injury: ruptured his right patella tendon and out for the sdeason; its hard watching the following videos; Yankees manager Joe Girardi was in tears
  • Aaron Judge is at 27 HR’s and is on a pace for 58 for the season.  Don’t know if he can keep it up, but sure has made for an exciting season.
  • Yankees bullpen has been in shambles during this struggle to hold on with all of the injuries.
  • Masahiro Tanaka seems to have found himself again; with Tanaka, Sevarino and rookie Jordan Montgomery, here’s hoping they can stay within breathing distance of the Red Sox.  Good Michael Pineda is outstanding, but, you never know what you are getting with him.

    Luis Sevarino


  • It’ll take some kind of juggling act for Joe Girardi to navigate the Yankees through this tough stretch, but, all teams go through injury woes and the depth of the organization is severely tested!!

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