Donald Trump’s “Make AmeriKa Hate Again”…KKK rallies, Neo Nazis unleashed; promote civil unrest and we have a Dictator ruling the US…by Chuck Duboff

There are those who refuse to pay attention to what is happening in the States; that is your prerogative…however, Steve Bannon is unleashing civil unrest upon the United States, which ultimately could lead to Marshall Law…you owe it to yourself to watch these videos..

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© Chuck Duboff

The United States President has legitimized the KKK and Neo-Nazis.…if you watch these two videos you will see the hate which Trump has unleashed upon the United States.  If you don’t believe a civil war is around the corner, you are not paying attention.  This is right out of Steve Bannon’s playbook…get the people fighting with each other,  proclaim Marshall Law and you have yourself one Dictator in power.

If you aren’t sick to your stomach after watching these two videos…then you have your head in the sand.


white again

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