The Bob Dylan song that changed my life…by Chuck Duboff

This evening will be the 8th time seeing Bob Dylan…he is who he is…if you are going for the first time, expect Dylan to do what he pleases with HIS songs…just sit back and enjoy the chance to see a transformational song writer.

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Dylan 10
© Chuck Duboff 
October 24, 1963, Bob Dylan recorded the song, The Times They are a ‘Changin.  A few months later,  January 13, 1964, the album was released.
I was born on January 1st, 1954, so I would have been 10 years old when that song was released.
I was being raised in a home that was entrenched in the values of the 1950’s.  I was told what to think, what to do, what to eat and what to wear.  Think Archie Bunker.  It was stifling and suffocating to be living in an environment with closed minded parents; to be shut down at any expression of opinion or desire.
I so very clearly remember hearing The Times They are a ‘Changin on my little transistor radio…I was captured by the lyrics, the words, the attitude, the proclamation that it was ok to be real, authentic.
“Come mothers and fathers

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