Sunday Morning Random Thoughts…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

  • What better way to start the day then watching Aaron Judge absolutely crush another Home Run…almost completely out of Safeco Field.
  • Bombers chocked on that game Friday night…with a 42-27 lead and 7 minutes left in the game…Coach O’Shea calls yet another one of his head scratchers…a fake punt on your own 26 yard line….HUH???
  • President Doofus…why would anybody be looking into Pardons if nobody is guilty about anything.  When I listen to highly respected Conservative politicians and journalists talk about the shame of your presidency…I shake my head in disbelief as to the embarrassment  you are to your country.  You have time to have several meeting with that Despot, Putin…but you don’t have time to speak to the NAACP convention.
  • Made in AmeriKa week…yet all of Trumps products…and Ivanka’s…are made in 3rd world slave houses!!!  The hypocrisy knows no limits…
  • Some people bring a calming, peaceful understanding to your world and you feel blessed to know them…
  • While others whom you would hope care about you…don’t even make the time to respond to messages or say hello/chat at social gatherings.
  • The Los Angeles Dodgers are a prime example of how important developing young players is…they are an exciting to watch play because of the kids on their team…and…watching Clayton Kershaw pitch is a true joy…I’ve never been much of a fan of the Dodgers…but, I would put Kershaw right up there with the greats in baseball history…with the likes of Bob Gibson, Sandy Koufax, Nolan Ryan…there are the must see home run hitters like his team mate Cody Bellinger, but, Kershaw is a pitcher who is worth making the time to watch.
  • Beautiful weather…better enjoy it while we can..July is coming to an end and then we have a few good weeks in August…looks like a sun filled, warm week ahead.
  • Love me a good thunderstorm.
  • All the hockey forecasts for next season have the Jets rated as one of the most talented teams in the league…with most predictions have the Jets going deep into the playoffs; that being said, every forecast also has Coach Maurice #1 on the hot seat list…if he can’t do something special with the lineup that he is being given this year…then he will be Toast!!  This is your chance coach…a stacked lineup, a solid, proven goalie…time to work your magic!!
  • Something else watching the Goldeyes hit four home runs in the first inning of an afternoon game!!
  • Brian Pallister…you heartless human being…I have zero respect for you and your lying.  You promised to maintain health care services, you promised to cut the PST…none of which you have made happen…you are only gutting essential services…a health care system that all Manitobans have been proud of!!
  • So all of the people still left standing around Trump, those he hasn’t fired, are all lawyering up…hmmm…I wonder why that would be?  From Jared Kuschner to Paul Manifort to Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum…pops is going to throw you under the bus…I hope Mueller and his team are able to dig into the Orange Haired Bluto’s tax returns and find out what he has been hiding.
  • …and talking about hiding…I would love nothing more than to know what Putin has on Trump…it must be Huuuuuuge…and Trump is sweating.
  • Big trade by the Yankees this week getting Todd Frasier and a couple of solid bullpen arms; Yankees still need a starter…with Pineda down with Tommy John surgery, you can’t rely on rookies to take you deep into the playoffs.  I’m guessing either Yu Darvish or Sonny Grey will be a Yankee by weeks end.
  • Seriously, is this not once of the greatest baseball moments you’ve seen!!  I don’t know who raised Aaron Judge, but he has turned into one fine young man: (click the link:

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