Saturday Morning Random Thoughts; by Chuck Duboff

Shaw Park

Summertime at a Goldeyes game…doesn’t get any better.

  • Thank you Tara…when someone understands…what a weight is lifted.
  • That would be the first place New York Yankees…what a lineup…and if they could get one more starter, they will be right in the hunt for the post season!!
  • Hot, hot weather…love every minute of it.
  • Rance Priebus…bye, bye…another minion of Trumps fired…unreal.
  • Laine: Zaida, was that a Baltimore chop?…does that girl know her baseball!!
  • Still replaying that Bomber miracle comeback in my head; Matt Nichols is really evolving into a top notch QB; Andrew Harris plays with his heart on his sleeve…and that on-side kick by Justin Medlock…a thing of beauty; but, if the Bombers are going to do anything this season…they have to fix the defence, ASAP!!  Richie Hall is far too passive and his D is getting torched for 40 or more points every game!!


    Bombers QB Matt Nichols.

  • Amazes me that its ok for Mike McIntyre to refer to Goldeyes’ Kevin McGovern as the team’s ace; listening to Yankee broadcasters refer to Luis Sevarino as the team’s ace; yet, some nobody, tells me I shouldn’t refer to Kevin McGovern as the Goldeyes ace because it may upset the other pitchers; really…I’ll leave my comments at that…but, daymn, I know my baseball and Kevin McGovern is the Goldeyes ace!!


    Winnipeg Goldeyes Ace: Kevin McGovern

  • I can only imagine what the outcome would be if North Korea set off a missile that hit mainland USA…an all out war of unknown magnitude would ensue…Herr Trump would go nuclear…guaranteed.
  • Paul Maurice…that collar must be pretty tight or…you are salivating at all the talent that you have…this has gotta be the break through season Coach!!
  • What a fabulous day last Sunday at Falcon Beach…just love it out there!!
  • Certain people just make life worth living…bring happiness and peacefulness.
  • Could not be prouder of my two kids, Carly and Matt…quite simply the lives they have made for themselves…just so wonderful!!
    Pic with Car and Matt
  • What a beautiful night at the ballpark last night…plus 30’s, barely a breeze, beautiful ballpark…the kind of days we dream about in January when it’s -40, snow is blowing and the forecast is for another week of the same!!  Let’s enjoy this great weather while we can.
  • MLB trade deadline on Monday…I expect the Dodgers, Yankees, Astros, Cubs and possibly the Red Sox to make big moves…I could see Darvish, Grey and Verlander ending up in some fashion with LA, NY and Astros…
  • Watching the Goldeyes’ Reggie Abercrombie track down well hit fly balls…those are major league catches…thx Reggie…a joy to watch you play baseball.


  • Tara…you are perfect just the way you are…you don’t need to be anything more than you are…be good to you!!
  • Silver Linings Playbook.
  • Been in a Pink Floyd headspace under the hot sun…reminds me of my bus trips from Cancun to Playa del Carmen when I was living and teaching down there; it was a 42 minute bus ride…I’d put on Dark Side of the Moon, close my eyes and next thing I knew…I was in Playa or back home in Cancun…what a perfect piece of music.
    dark side

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