The Sunday Morning New York Yankees report…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

MLB: New York Yankees at Baltimore Orioles
Yankees skipper, Joe Girardi
  • Yankees are going for it…acquire Jamie Garcia from the Twins; still in talks with Oakland to acquire Sonny Grey; both Sevarino and Montgomery are hitting innings pitched totals they’ve never thrown before…it’s wise on Cashman’s part to acquire starting pitching.
  • That trade with the White Sox that brought Todd Frazier, David Robertson and Tommy Kahnle was the turning point of the season; there is a confidence about the team that wasn’t there prior to the All-Star game; Frazier plays a great 3rd base and has a solid bat; Robertson and Kahnle are two outstanding relief pitchers, giving Girardi a really deep bullpen.
  • What a great story Todd Frazier is; grew up in Jersey, just miles from Yankee stadium…Paul O’Neil was his favourite player; and now, here he is, playing for his boyhood team; he said he feels like a little kid again playing ball!!  How cool is that!!

    Todd Frazier
  • Speaking of Frazier, the other Frazier, the kid, Clint Frazier, is going to make it very difficult for Cashman to send him back down to the minors; the kid has a great bat, lots of power and plays a solid left field; when Aaron Hicks is healthy, not sure what they are going to do with Jacoby Ellsbury…no way I send Clint Frazier down to the minors.
  •  Ronald Torreyes…has been invaluable this season…filling in for Didi, Castro…and swinging a solid bat…the dude is “smaller than you Zaida Chuck”, yet he has played his way into an important role with the Yankees.  Every team needs a Torreyes.
  • Have never been much of a Brett Gardner fan…but he is having an outstanding season; he’s always played a great centre or left field, but this year his bat has been sensational…with Friday night hitting his 19th HR for a walk off in the 11th inning and then yesterday, hitting a clutch single in the bottom of the 9th to give the Yankees their 6th win in a row.  Well done Brett…they call you the undisputed leader in the locker room!!
    Brett Gardner


  • The middle of the Yankees order, after Gardner leads off…Clint Frazier bats second, Aaron Judge third, Gary Sanchez fourth, Matt Holiday and then Didi…that is some kind of lineup for a pitcher to navigate through.
  • Nice seeing Chase Headley find his bat again…playing a very nice first base.
  • The Yankees are doing all of this without Starlin Castro..they are being extra cautious with his hamstring…but when he gets back, that’s another smokin bat in a very deep lineup.
  • What a bullpen…from Adam Warren, to Chad Greene, to David Robertson to Tommy Kahnle to Dellin Betancis to Aroldis Chapman…wow!!
  • Oh yeah…there’s some kid named Aaron Judge, whose mere presence at the plate has got opposing managers trying to figure out how to pitch to him…you know Judge is in his groove, when he is getting walks…and not chasing pitches out of the strike zone!!
  • There is nothing better than listening to Michael Kay and Paul O’Neil broadcast a Yankees game on the YES Network…brilliant and hilarious!!
  • Mind you, listening to Jon Sterling and Suzy Waldman on WFAN radio…brings out the little kid in me…listening to ballgames on my transistor radio
  • Luis Sevarino, CC, Masahiro Tanaka, Jaime Garcia…maybe Jordan Montgomery or Sonny Grey??…nice rotation for Joe to work with.
  • Having MLB TV allows me to watch every Yankees game…essentially a season ticket for both home and road games…have never enjoyed Yankees baseball as much as I am this season.
  • Be nice to see Matt Holdiay heat up…he’s a solid bat right in the middle of the lineup…been struggling, but, he’s a veteran and will figure it out.
  • To quote the bleacher creatures in right field (that would be right at the top of my bucket list…to be sitting in right field and doing the role call with the crazy Yankee fans)….LETS GO YANKEES!!!!!  LETS GO YANKEES!!!! LETS GO YANKEES!!!!


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